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Table 1 Clinical profile of patients from which the two strains were isolated

From: Moroccan strains of Leishmania major and Leishmania tropica differentially impact on nitric oxide production by macrophages

Strains MHOM/MA/2010/L02 MHOM/MA/2010/L112
Patients Patient 1 Patient 2
Age (years) 5 21
Sex Female Male
Residence city Casablanca Casablanca
Main clinical data:
 Number of dermal lesions 1 5
 Incubation time (months) 1 1–3a
 Evolution time of lesions at diagnosis (months) 4 2
 Evolution of lesions upon treatment Favorable but needed more than a single cure Favorable
Genotyping L. tropica L. major
  1. aThe exact incubation time could not be determined because the patient reported two distinct staying periods in endemic foci