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Table 3 Occurrence of gene blocks in the five proposed gene order patterns

From: Sequencing of the complete mitochondrial genome of a fish-parasitic flatworm Paratetraonchoides inermis (Platyhelminthes: Monogenea): tRNA gene arrangement reshuffling and implications for phylogeny

Gene block/ Pattern cox1-T-rrnL rrnL-C-rrnS cox2-E-nad6 atp6-nad2-V-A-D-nad1 nad1-N-P-I-K-nad3
Pattern 1a Ya Y P Yb Yc
Pattern 1b Y Y
Pattern 2 Y Y
Pattern 3 Y
Pattern 4 Y Y Y Y
  1. Notes: “Y” indicates that a gene block occurs in the corresponding pattern, whereas “–” indicates that the a gene block is broken up. “P” indicates that the gene block is present in all species exhibiting the pattern 1a, except for trematodes. “Y” with a superscript letter indicates the existence of minor exceptions in the gene block, wherein “Ya” denotes Benedenia seriolae; “Yb” denotes Trichobilharzia regenti, Schistosoma mekongi and Schistosoma japonicum; and “Yd” denotes Brachycladium goliath