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Table 2 Haplotypes of 16S rRNA gene sequences according to the country of origin

From: Contributions to the phylogeny of Ixodes (Pholeoixodes) canisuga, I. (Ph.) kaiseri, I. (Ph.) hexagonus and a simple pictorial key for the identification of their females

Continental region Country Ixodes species (no. of samples analysed) 16S rRNA haplotypesa marked with Roman numerals (number if >1) GenBank accession nos.
Western Europe UK I. canisuga (2) II (2) KY962071
France I. canisuga (3) I (2), II KY962075, KY962074
Central Europe Germany I. kaiseri (2) IV (2) KY962067
I. canisuga (2) I, II KY962068, KY962069
I. hexagonus (1) VII KY962070
Austria I. hexagonus (2) VII KY962058
Hungary I. kaiseri (3) IV, V (2) KY962052, KY962054
I. canisuga (2) I (2) KY962053
South-eastern Europe Croatia I. hexagonus (4) VI (3), VII KY962076, KY962077
I. canisuga (3) I (2), III KY962072, KY962073
Bosnia and Herzegovina I. canisuga (2) I, II KY962055, KY962056
I. hexagonus (1) VI KY962057
Serbia I. canisuga (2) I, II KY962065, KY962064
I. kaiseri (2) IV (2) KY962066
Romania I. kaiseri (5) IV (2), V (3) KY962062, KY962059
I. canisuga (4) I (2), IIb KY962060, KY962061
I. hexagonus (1) VI KY962063
  1. aPosition of mutations in 16S rRNA haplotypes (“-” = reference): Ixodes canisuga: I. (-), II. (178), III. (69); I. kaiseri: IV. (-), V. (215, 217); I. hexagonus: VI. (-), VII. (163)
  2. bSequencing of the 16S rRNA gene fragment from cox1 haplotype “C” was unsuccessful