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Table 1 Dirofilaria immitis isolates used for MiSeq sequencing

From: Genetic profiles of ten Dirofilaria immitis isolates susceptible or resistant to macrocyclic lactone heartworm preventives

Isolate Efficacy percentage reductiona (%) Phenotype Origin of the Isolate in USA
ZoeMI 100 Susceptible MI
ZoeGCFL 100 Susceptible Fort Myers, FL.
ZoeAL 100 Susceptible Westover, AL
ZoeKY 100 Susceptible Salyersville, KY
ZoeMP3 100 Susceptibleb TRS Lab, GA
ZoeMOc 82 Resistant Pittsfield, IL/Keytesville, MO/Stanwood, MI
ZoeAMAL 62 Resistant Westover, AL
ZoeLA 54 Resistant Ellis, AR/Slaughter, LA
ZoeJYD-34 19 Resistant Pittsfield, IL/Keytesville, MO/Stanwood, MI
Metairied N/A Resistant Metairie, LA and spent time in MS
  1. aInformation related to moxidectin phenotypic response is from McTier et al. [15]. The efficacy study was based on 3 μg/kg of oral moxidectin. Efficacy studies described in McTier et al. [15]
  2. bPredominantly susceptible.
  3. cRelative of ZoeJYD-34
  4. dInformation on the resistant Metairie isolate is available in Maclean et al. [16]