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Table 1 Heartworm isolate details for nine different heartworm (D. immitis) isolates used to assess the preventive efficacy of 3 μg/kg of oral moxidectin in dogs

From: Efficacy of oral moxidectin against susceptible and resistant isolates of Dirofilaria immitis in dogs

D. immitis isolate Year isolated Isolate location Responsible for original isolate collection/currently maintained Comments
MP3 2006 GA (Northeast) TRS Labs/Zoetis Refractory, not resistant, published results for other products at use dose <100% [7,8,9,10]; original isolate from TRS Labs
Michigan 2007 MI TRS Labs/Zoetis Confirmed susceptible isolate
>6 years previous from TRS Labs
JYD-34 2010 Pittsville, IL (CHK- Kennel) TRS Labs/Zoetis Confirmed ML-resistant isolate from published reports [3, 4]; original isolate from TRS Labs
ZoeMO 2012 Pittsville, IL (CHK- Kennel) Zoetis/Zoetis Related to JYD-34, isolated from the same dog as JYD-34 but 2.5 years later. Dog had been kept in mosquito-proof quarters and received no ML preventive or adulticide therapy
ZoeKY 2013 Slayersville, KY (CHK-Kennel) Zoetis/Zoetis New isolate; no documented previous medical history
ZoeLA 2013 Zachary, AL (Dr. Lynn Buzhardt) Zoetis/Zoetis New isolate from 6-year-old English bulldog, originally from Ellis, AR, moved to Slaughter, LA, at 3 months of age; on Heartgard® for 2 years but no HW prevention for previous 3 years before isolate collection
GCFL 2014 Fort Myers, FL (Gulf Coast Human Society) Zoetis/Zoetis New isolate from 3-year-old heartworm-positive pit-bull mix from local humane society; no documented previous medical history
AMAL 2014 Westover, AL (Dr. Jay Crisman) Zoetis/Zoetis New isolate from a 3-year-old, heartworm-positive Husky with no previous documented medical history
ZoeAL 2015 Wetumpka, AL (Dr. Jay Crisman) Zoetis/Zoetis New isolate from a heartworm-positive 4-year-old pug with no previous ML preventive use