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Table 2 Microsatellite repeat polymorphisms in cpr sequences from individuals of distinct localities reveals fixed differences. Repeat polymorphisms were identified in the cpr sequences from individuals sampled in distinct localities. Itatiaia sequences have fixed differences [(A)3, (CG)1, (CT)4] when compared with those from Florianópolis, Guapimirim, Tinguá and Sana [(A)2, (CG)2–3, (CT)6–9]. In Bocaina, both repeat patterns co-occur. Based on Additional file 2, (A)2–3 repeats are located between positions 18 to 20, (CG)1–3 between 21 to 26 and (CT)4–9 between 147 to 164 positions

From: Cryptic diversity in an Atlantic Forest malaria vector from the mountains of South-East Brazil

Locality Number of repeats
Florianópolis 2 2 6–9
Guapimirim 2 2 6–8
Tinguá 2 2 6–8
Sana 2 2–3 7–8
Bocaina 2–3 1–2 4–7
Itatiaia 3 1 4