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Table 1 List of screened hosts, their origin and the number of infected hosts

From: Phylogenetic analysis of apicomplexan parasites infecting commercially valuable species from the North-East Atlantic reveals high levels of diversity and insights into the evolution of the group

Host species Origin No. of hosts infected/ No. of hosts analysed
Trachurus trachurus Wild 2/2
Thunnus sp. Wild 1/1
Scomber japonicus Wild 1/2
Solea senegalensis Wild 2/3
Pagrus caeruleostictus Wild 2/7
Trispterus luscus Wild 4/4
Sparus aurata Wild 0/5
Dicentrarchus labrax Wild 1/5
Chelon labrosus Wild 0/2
Lepidopus caudatus Wild 0/1
Oncorhynchus mykiss Wild 0/4
Platichthys flesus Wild 0/1
Sardina pilchardus Wild 0/3
Dicentrarchus punctatus Wild 0/1
Scyliorhinus canicula Wild 6/33
Raja undulata Wild 0/1
Raja clavata Wild 0/1
Dicentrarchus labrax Farmed 4/22
Sparus aurata Farmed 1/16
Diplodus sargus Farm-associated 2/5
Diplodus annularis Farm-associated 0/1
Diplodus vulgaris Farm-associated 0/2
Chelon labrosus Farm-associated 0/8
Halobatrachus didactylus Farm-associated 0/1
Sardina pilchardus Farm-associated 0/1
Liza ramada Farm-associated 0/6
Mugil cephalus Farm-associated 0/1
Dicentrarchus punctatus Farm-associated 0/9