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Table 2 Frequency of statistical tests used to determine presence of predisposition within the included papers

From: Current epidemiological evidence for predisposition to high or low intensity human helminth infection: a systematic review

Statistical test used No. of papersa
Kendall’s tau 13
Spearman’s rank 8
Logistic regression 4
Chi-square 4
Chi-square test for trend 1
Comparing percentage of participants with high egg count with percentage of houses they were present in 1
Comparison of percentages 1
Correlation (no further details provided) 1
Fisher’s exact test 1
Looking at association 1
Multiple regression 1
Odds ratio 1
Ranked correlation coefficient 1
Ratio of observed proportion infected and predicted proportion 1
Relative risks 1
Three-level hierarchical statistical model applied to worm counts 1
Transitional probability matrix 1
Variance components analysis 1
  1. aTotal may exceed 43 due to some papers employing more than one statistical technique