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Table 1 The mitochondrial genomes of Echinococcus spp. used for inference of the phylogenetic tree

From: Mitochondrial genome data confirm that yaks can serve as the intermediate host of Echinococcus canadensis (G10) on the Tibetan Plateau

Genotype/species Size (bp) Host GenBank ID Origin
G1/E. granulosus (s.s.) 13,588 Sheep AF297617 UK
G4/E. equinus 13,598 Horse AF346403 UK
G5/E. ortleppi 13,717 Cattle AB235846 Argentina
G6/E. canadensis 13,721 Camel AB208063 Kazakhstan
G7/E. canadensis 13,719 Pig AB235847 Poland
G8/E. canadensis 13,717 Moose AB235848 USA
G10/E. canadensis 13,720 Moose AB745463 Finland
E. felidis 13,632 Lion NC021144 Uganda
E. multilocularis 13,738 Vole AB018440 Japan
E. oligarthrus 13,791 Laboratory mice AB208545 Panama
E. shiquicus 13,807 O. curzoniae AB208064 China
E. vogeli 13,791 Unknown AB208546 Colombia
T. solium 13,709 Pig AB086256 China
G10/E. canadensis Yak GS 13,603 Yak MG597240 China (this study)