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Fig. 3

From: The blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni cleaves the coagulation protein high molecular weight kininogen (HK) but does not generate the vasodilator bradykinin

Fig. 3

Kallikrein activity assay. Cleavage of kallikrein substrate (H-D-Pro-Phe-Arg-pNa) by living schistosomes (triangle) and human kallikrein (0.02 μg) in the presence (square) or absence (circle) of PMSF (2 mM) (Mean +/- SD, n = 3). Released pNa was measured every 5 minutes at OD405. All conditions differ significantly from “Kallikrein”; two-way ANOVA: F(24,52) = 94.76, F(2,52) = 2318.22, F(12,52) = 124.82, P < 0.0001

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