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Table 3 Shared pfubp1 mutations observed in the isolates from the three sites. Mutations indicated in bold are known delayed clearance genotypes

From: Prevalence of Plasmodium falciparum delayed clearance associated polymorphisms in adaptor protein complex 2 mu subunit (pfap2mu) and ubiquitin specific protease 1 (pfubp1) genes in Ghanaian isolates

Nucleotide position Nucleotide change Amino acid position and change
4383 CCT to ACC P1461T
4386 TAT to TTA Y1462L
4389 CGT to TCG R1463S
4392 AAA to TAA K1464a
4461 ATA to ATC I1487I
4461 ATA to ACC I1487T
4466 ATG to ACG M1489T
4502 TAT to TTT Y1501F
4504 AAA to TAA K1502a
4509 AAT to ATT N1503I
4509 AAT to ATG N1503M
4527 GAA to GAC E1509D
4554 AAC to TAT N1518Y
4557 GAA to GAC E1519D
4561 TAT to AAT Y1521N
4575 GAC to GAA D1525E
4581 TAT to TTT Y1527F
4581 TAT to AAT Y1527N
4584 GAA to GAC E1528D
4599 TAT to TAC Y1533Y
4602 GAT to GAA D1534E
4608 TAC to TCC Y1536S
4611 AAA to TTT K1537F
4609 AAA to TTA K1537L
4611 AAA to TAC K1537Y
4617 GAT to GAC D1539D
4623 AAA to CTT K1541L
4623 AAA to AAT K1541N
4626 AAT to GAT N1542D
4629 CAA to CAT Q1543H
4632 CAT to CTT H1544L
4632 CAT to CCT H1544P
4632 AAA to AAT K1544N
4641 CCA to CCT P1547P
4647 TAT to TAG Y1549a
4647 TAT to TTT Y1549F
4646 TAT to TTG Y1549L
4650 GAT to ATT D1550I
4650 GAT to AAT D1550N
4651 AAT to GGT N1551G
4653 AAT to ATT N1551I
4653 AAT to CTT N1551L
4656 ATT to ATG I1552M
4659 AAT to AAC N1553N
4667 TAC to TGC Y1556C
4674 AAT to GAT N1558D
4679 AAT to ATA N1560I
4680 AAT to AAA N1560K
4683 AAA to AAG K1561K
4692 GAG to GAC E1564D
4695 TTC to GGC F1565G
4694 TTC to CAA F1565Q
4765 AAA to TAA K1589a
  1. aStop codon