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Fig. 1

From: Spherical Body Protein 2 truncated copy 11 as a specific Babesia bovis attenuation marker

Fig. 1

Sbp2t11 is an attenuation marker upregulated in blood stages. Quantitative PCR to determine transcript levels of sbp2t7, sbp2t9, sbp2t11 genes in T and D Australian strains. Transcript levels of (a) sbp2t7, (b) sbp2t9 and (c) sbp2t11 were measured and compared between virulent (grey) and attenuated (black) B. bovis Australian strains (T and D). Experiments were done in triplicates. * represents statistically significant difference. d Summary of upregulation of sbp2t transcripts in attenuated strains of Babesia bovis. Numbers indicate the corresponding sbp2t gene. 1, sbp2t1; 4, sbp2t4; 5, sbp2t5; 7, sbp2t7; 9, sbp2t9; 11, sbp2t11. Abbreviations: CT, cycle threshold; Vir, virulent; Att, attenuated

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