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Table 1 Summary of the estimated annual costs related to bovine cysticercosis in Belgium: value loss, costs related to inspection at the slaughterhouses, costs related to the destruction of carcasses with generalised infections and insurance costs

From: Economic impact of bovine cysticercosis and taeniosis caused by Taenia saginata in Belgium

Category of cost Type of cost €/year €/unit of interest
Value loss Generalised infections 12,874 (€858/carcass generalised infection)
Localised infections 684,087 (€586/carcass localised infection)
Total value loss 696,961  
Inspection Meat inspection 399,631 (€0.78/slaughtered animal)
Processing infected carcass 88,725 (€75/infected carcass)
Deboning carcasses with localised infection 109,500 (€93.75/carcass localised infection)
Total inspection cost 597,856  
Destruction Destruction cost 1023 (€68.2/carcass generalised infection)
Transport to destruction facility 1084 (€72.3/carcass generalised infection)
Total destruction cost 2107 (€140.5/carcass generalised infection)
Insurance Officially insured animals 2,532,057 (€16.5/insured animal)
Unofficially insured animals 422,004 (€16.5/insured animal)
Total insurance cost 2,954,061  
Total   4,250,985