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Table 4 Variables of host body condition influencing the general maximum prevalence of Echinococcus species as revealed by the best logistic regression model

From: Echinococcus multilocularis and Echinococcus shiquicus in a small mammal community on the eastern Tibetan Plateau: host species composition, molecular prevalence, and epidemiological implications

Log odds of significant variables ± SE Model evaluation
Relative body weight Relative head-body length Lesionsa AICc Generalized R2 of the best model
1 vs 0 2 vs 0 Best model Null model
-16.010 ± 4.558 19.134 ± 8.521 -21.982 -0.556 49.677 108.473 0.572
  1. aCategorical data, no SE presented
  2. Abbreviations: 0, individuals without visible lesions; 1, individuals with atypical lesions; 2, individuals with typical lesions; SE standard error