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Table 1 Gene Ontology and metabolic enriched pathways of the 99-percentile common most highly expressed gene products

From: Expression profiling of Trypanosoma congolense genes during development in the tsetse fly vector Glossina morsitans morsitans

Gene ontology enriched pathway
Category GO ID Term FDR P-value Testa Refb
Cell component GO:0005840 Ribosome 7.98E-09 3.56E-12 15 172
GO:0022627 Cytosolic small ribosomal subunit 1.77E-04 5.93E-07 3 3
GO:0000314 Organellar small ribosomal subunit 4.84E-02 7.12E-04 2 5
Molecular function GO:0003735 Structural constituent of ribosome 1.89E-08 1.26E-11 14 154
GO:0015114 Phosphate ion transmembrane transporter activity 9.55E-03 7.24E-05 2 2
GO:0005315 Inorganic phosphate transmembrane transporter activity 9.55E-03 7.24E-05 2 2
GO:0003924 GTPase activity 1.35E-02 1.11E-04 5 57
GO:0004478 Methionine adenosyltransferase activity 2.11E-02 2.16E-04 2 3
GO:0019843 rRNA binding 2.87E-02 3.07E-04 3 16
GO:0005515 Protein binding 2.92E-02 3.19E-04 10 325
GO:0005200 Structural constituent of cytoskeleton 3.33E-02 3.71E-04 3 17
GO:0015224 Biopterin transporter activity 3.33E-02 4.30E-04 2 4
Biological processes GO:0006412 Translation 9.19E-07 1.43E-09 15 261
GO:0006817 Phosphate ion transport 9.55E-03 7.24E-05 2 2
GO:0000028 Ribosomal small subunit assembly 9.55E-03 7.24E-05 2 2
GO:0006915 Apoptotic process 1.67E-02 1.60E-04 3 13
GO:0006556 S-adenosylmethionine biosynthetic process 2.11E-02 2.16E-04 2 3
GO:0015877 Biopterin transport 3.33E-02 4.30E-04 2 4
GO:0006986 Response to unfolded protein 3.33E-02 4.30E-04 2 4
GO:0051258 Protein polymerization 4.35E-02 6.11E-04 3 20
Metabolic pathways
Database Pathway ID Pathway description FDR P-value Testa Refb
KEGG ec00270 Cysteine and methionine metabolism 1.64E-02 1.64E-02 2 74
TrypanoCyc SAM-PWY S-adenosyl-L-methionine biosynthesis 3.74E-04 6.24E-05 2 3
PWY-802 methionine and S-adenosylmethionine synthesis 3.74E-04 9.35E-05 2 4
PWY0-781 aspartate superpathway 5.96E-04 2.24E-04 2 7
PWY1V8-2 Methionine salvage cycle 8.17E-04 4.09E-04 2 10
PWY1V8-6 Trypanothine biosynthesis and peroxide metabolism 1.04E-03 6.48E-04 2 13
METHIONINE-DEG1-PWY methionine degradation I (to homocysteine) 1.05E-02 7.84E-03 2 50
PWY0-381-1 glycerol degradation I 1.27E-02 1.11E-02 1 3
  1. aGenes in the top 99-percentile RPKM dataset
  2. bEntire trypanosome genes in TritrypDB database in respective metabolic pathway