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Table 1 Environmental variables used in the ENM and their sources

From: Environmental suitability for lymphatic filariasis in Nigeria

Variables Source
Annual cumulative precipitation WorldClim [29]
Maximum temperature
Mean temperature
Minimum temperature
Mean temperature of the coldest quarter
Mean temperature of the warmest quarter
Precipitation of the driest quarter
Precipitation of the wettest quarter
Potential evapo-transpiration (PET) CGIAR-CSI [30]
Aridity index
Elevation SRTM [31]
Slope Derived from elevation
Flow accumulation Derived from slope
Distance to permanent rivers Digital Global Chart [34]
Distance to nearest water bodies Global Database of Lakes, Reservoirs and Wetlands [33]
Land surface temperature (LST) AfSIS [35]
Enhanced vegetation index (EVI)
Sand, silt, clay fractions ISRIC [37]
Soil pH
Major land cover (forest, agriculture, shrubland-grassland) Arino et al [36]
Wetness index Derived from slope and flow accumulation
Distance to stable lights 2006 Elvidge et al. [38]