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Table 2 Substitutions of intra-assemblage B in bg, tpi and gdh sequences

From: First report of Giardia duodenalis infection in bamboo rats

Subtype (n) Nucleotide positions and substitutions GenBank ID
bg 60 66 267 294 328 483  
Ref. sequence G T C C G C KM977640
Ba1 (1) G T C C G C MH598574
Ba2 (25) G C C C G C MH598579
Ba3 (7) A T C T G C MH598575
Ba4 (7) G C T C G C MH598578
Ba5 (11) G C C C G T MH598576
Ba6 (1) G C C C A C MH598577
tpi 218 240 282 405 490   
Ref. sequence C G C A G   HQ666898
Bb1 (6) C G C A G   MH598587
Bb2 (4) T G C G G   MH598589
Bb3 (1) T G C G T   MH598588
Bb4 (1) T A T G G   MH598586
gdh 192 282 369 396 477   
Ref. sequence T C A T C   HM134212
Bc1 (2) T C A T C   MH598585
Bc2 (8) C C A C C   MH598582
Bc3 (4) T C A C T   MH598583
Bc4 (3) T C A C C   MH598581
Bc5 (8) T T G C C   MH598580
Bc6 (2) T T A C C   MH598584