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Table 13 Summary of results by compound

From: Transmission blocking sugar baits for the control of Leishmania development inside sand flies using environmentally friendly beta-glycosides and their aglycones

Compound Longevity reduction (%) Trehalase activities β-glucosidase activities Quantification sugar ingested (ηl) Anti-Leishmania
Males Females Males Females Males Females Males Females Culture Infection
Amygdalin ne 13 nt nt nt nt nt nt ne nt
Esculin 12 13 ne RBT/RBS inhibition (ivt) ne RBS activation (ivv) 20.4 ± 1.9 13.1 ± 1.5 ne nt
Mandelonitrile 59 33 nt nt nt nt nt nt Yes, all species tested nt
Esculetin -29 ne GC inhibition (ivt) RBT inhibition (ivt) ne RBS activation (ivt) 19 ± 3 26 ± 3 Yes, L. infantum/L. mexicana Yes, L. mexicana
  1. Abbreviations: ivt in vitro, ivv in vivo, nt not tested, ne no effect, GT gut tissue, GC gut contents, RBT rest of the body tissues, RBS rest of the body soluble fraction