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Table 2 In vitro effects of esculin on trehalase activity of adult female Lutzomyia longipalpis. Tissue homogenates were incubated or not with esculin, and enzyme assays were performed using trehalose as a substrate. Tissues were homogenized and separated by centrifugation into gut tissue, gut contents, rest of body tissues and rest of body soluble fraction. Results are presented as μU/insect and are the mean and SEM of 8 biological replicates with 4 insects in each sample

From: Transmission blocking sugar baits for the control of Leishmania development inside sand flies using environmentally friendly beta-glycosides and their aglycones

Sample Control (trehalose only) Esculin added to the assay mixture
Gut, tissue 380 ± 70 300 ± 100
Gut, contents 170 ± 60 220 ± 90
Rest of body, tissues 560 ± 60a 380 ± 50a
Rest of body, soluble fraction 580 ± 10b 360 ± 20b
  1. aMann-Whitney test, U = 13, P = 0.046
  2. bMann-Whitney test, U = 0, P = 0.0006