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Table 9 Volumes of the esculin + sugar solution and the total amount of sugar ingested by Lutzomyia longipalpis adults. Insects were fed for 7 days ad libitum on esculin-supplemented sucrose. Results are shown in ηl/insect or μg/insect and are the mean and SEM of 29 (male) and 36 (female) individual samples

From: Transmission blocking sugar baits for the control of Leishmania development inside sand flies using environmentally friendly beta-glycosides and their aglycones

Ingested amount Females Males
Volume of solution (ηl) 20.4 ± 1.9 13.1 ± 1.5
Total sugar (μg) 14.3 ± 1.3 9.1 ± 1.1