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Fig. 5

From: Validity of genus Perostrongylus Schlegel, 1934 with new data on Perostrongylus falciformis (Schlegel, 1933) in European badgers, Meles meles (Linnaeus, 1758): distribution, life-cycle and pathology

Fig. 5

Light microscopy and schematic representation of the posterior end of the males of Perostrongylus falciformis. a Copulatory bursa, dorsal view (inset: schematic representation: a1, a2, lateral lobes; v, ventral ray; vv, ventro-ventral branch of ventral ray; vl, ventro-lateral branch of ventral ray; l, lateral ray; el, externo-lateral part of lateral ray; ml, medio-lateral part of lateral ray; pl, posterio-lateral branch of lateral ray; ed, externo-dorsal ray; md, median-dorsal ray; s, spicules; g, gubernaculum) b Copulatory bursa, lateral view. Scale-bars: 50 μm

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