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Fig. 4

From: Babesia bovis RON2 contains conserved B-cell epitopes that induce an invasion-blocking humoral immune response in immunized cattle

Fig. 4

Neutralization assay. The results on the y-axis are shown as percentages of the parasitemia inhibition. The evaluation of the inhibition generated by different antibodies is shown on the x-axis. Abbreviations: PC, positive control; AC, adjuvant control (PBS + ADJ); P1, anti-Peptide1 antibodies; P2, anti-Peptide2 antibodies; P3, anti-Peptide3 antibodies; P4, anti-Peptide4 antibodies; P2+P3, a mix of the anti-Peptide2 and anti-Peptide3 antibodies. There were significant differences between the pre- and post-immunization serum samples (*P < 0.05)

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