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Fig. 2 | Parasites & Vectors

Fig. 2

From: Spliceosomal introns in Trichomonas vaginalis revisited

Fig. 2

The exon boundaries of the 11 newly discovered intron-containing genes in T. vaginalis. Gel images, cropped from Additional file 3: Figure S1, show the unspliced and spliced amplicons in the first and second lanes, respectively followed by the 100 bp DNA ladder (New England Biolabs). The TrichDB ID of the genes is shown on the top of each gel image followed by the expected bp size of unspliced | spliced amplicons. Each gel image is accompanied by part of the DNA sequencing chromatogram where the line indicates the precise boundary between exon 1 and 2. The actual DNA sequence is shown under the chromatogram with the arrow indicating the nucleotide boundary between exons. The image in the box contains the 100 bp DNA ladder for reference

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