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Table 3 Macrocyclic lactones tested for the prevention of Dirofilaria repens infections in dogs

From: Recent advances on Dirofilaria repens in dogs and humans in Europe

Active ingredient Formulation Dosage
Ivermectin Tablet/Chewable 6 μg/kg
Ivermectin + Praziquantel Chewable 6 μg/kg + 5mg/kg
Ivermectn + Doxycycline Chewable + Tablet 6 μg/kg + 10mg/kg
Doramectin Injectable 0.4 mg/kg
Milbemycin oxime + Praziquantel Chewable 0.5–5 mg/kg
Moxidectin Injectable 0.17 mg/kg
Moxidectin + Imidacloprid Spot-on 2.5–10 mg/kg
Selamectin Spot-on 6 mg/kg