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Table 1 De novo transcriptome assembly summary statistics for adult C. daubneyi specimens collected from a natural bovine infection following RNAseq and Trinity assembly

From: Polyomic tools for an emerging livestock parasite, the rumen fluke Calicophoron daubneyi; identifying shifts in rumen functionality

Category Statistic
Total raw reads 226,188,786
Per replicate
 A 95,417,496
 B 74,644,572
 C 56,126,718
GC percentage 47
Total assembled contigs generated 103,541
Contigs mapped to raw reads 73,792
Average contig length (bp) (mapped) 738 (892)
Maximum contig length (bp) 24,404
Minimum contig length (bp) 224
% mapped contigs without BLASTx/p annotation 62.94/62.74
% Mapped contigs with Signal Peptide (SigP) 1.80
% Mapped contigs with Transmembrane Domain (TM) 5.77
% Mapped contigs with both TM+SigP 0.65
Unique gene components identified (from mapped contigs) 54,617
% gene components without BLASTx/p annotation 69.51