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Table 2 Results of PCR from both whole blood samples and after BAPGM enrichment and from isolates on blood agar for B. henselae and B. clarridgeiae in cats treated with the Seresto® collar (G1) or in untreated controls (G2) after being exposed to one transmission season in a highly endemic area (D360)

From: Effectiveness of a 10% imidacloprid/4.5% flumethrin polymer matrix collar in reducing the risk of Bartonella spp. infection in privately owned cats

Group (n) Bartonella spp., n (%)a B. clarridgeiae, n (%)b B. henselae, n (%)c B. henselae isolates, n (%)d
G1 (78) 3/78 (3.85) 3/78 (3.85) 0 0/3
G2 (74) 10/74 (13.51) 4/74 (5.41) 6/74 (8.11) 3/10
Total (152) 13/152 (8.55) 7/152 (4.6)e 6/152 (3.9)f 3/13 (23)g
  1. aITS PCR from whole blood and enrichment BAPGM
  2. bITS sequence analysis
  3. cPap31 PCR
  4. dB. henselae isolated on agar blood culture after enrichment BAPGM step
  5. eSample IDs: G1_43, G1_56, G1_76, G2_132, G2_147, G2_172 and G2_173
  6. fSample IDs: G2_27, G2_60, G2_72, G2_90, G2_106 and G2_149
  7. gSample IDs: G2_60, G2_90 and G2_149