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Table 2 Tick pools with Rickettsia spp. contigs. Size and GenBank accession numbers are provided

From: A cross-sectional screening by next-generation sequencing reveals Rickettsia, Coxiella, Francisella, Borrelia, Babesia, Theileria and Hemolivia species in ticks from Anatolia

Pool Target gene Identification
16S rRNA 23S rRNA ompA sca1 gltA Plasmid
P4a 1508 bp (MH645181) 2761 bp (MH618686) 830 bp (MH630146) 1028 bp (MH630145) 1308 bp (MH630144) 2376 bp (MH649269) R. hoogstraalii
P5 1395 bp (MH645180) 355 bp (MH673723) Rickettsia sp.
P6 1426 bp (MH645175) 1133 bp (MH649268) 428 bp (MH630147) 821 bp (MH673722) R. hoogstraalii
P18 1232 bp (MH645179) Rickettsia sp.
P21 1309 bp (MH645178) Rickettsia sp.
P35 1433 bp (MH645176) Rickettsia sp.
P37 1392 bp (MH645177) Rickettsia sp.
  1. aSequences obtained from the near-complete genome (bp: base pairs)