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Table 2 Molecular identification of Culex species with disseminated Usutu virus infection at foci of transmission in Austria, 2018

From: Targeted surveillance reveals native and invasive mosquito species infected with Usutu virus

Species USUV+ / tested Linz Graz
Cx. pipiens form pipiens 3/35 1/5 2/30
Cx. torrentium 0/2 0/2 0/0
  1. Notes: The legs and wings from mosquitoes taken from Usutu virus-positive pools (USUV+) from each trap site (Linz: 1 pool with 7 mosquitoes; Graz: 2 pools with 15 mosquitoes each) were analysed individually to determine species and to detect if the infection was disseminated. The values are the number of individuals of a given species with a disseminated USUV infection / total individuals tested by trap site