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Fig. 1

From: Plant Hsp90 is a novel adjuvant that elicits a strong humoral and cellular immune response against B- and T-cell epitopes of a Toxoplasma gondii SAG1 peptide

Fig. 1

Levels of anti-SAG1 total IgG antibodies in the sera of C57BL/6 immunized mice. Two weeks after the last immunization, serum samples (8 mice per group) were collected to analyze IgGt by ELISA with rSAG1m (a) and SAG1TLA (b) as the bound target. Sera were diluted 1:1000 or 1:100 for detecting rSAG1m or SAG1TLA, respectively. Each bar represents the group mean ± SEM. Results represent one of three similar experiments. Pre-immune sera were used as a negative control. a ****P < 0.0001, NbHsp90.3HC vs PBS, NbHsp90.3 and SAG1m groups. b *P < 0.05, NbHsp90.3HC vs SAG1m group; ***P < 0.001, NbHsp90.3HC vs PBS and NbHsp90.3 groups. Statistical analysis was performed by one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) using Tukey’s multiple comparisons test

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