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Table 2 Data regarding Leishmania spp.-positive dogs (2.5%) and cats (1.3%) from Doha, Qatar

From: Molecular detection of Leishmania spp. in dogs and a cat from Doha, Qatar

Species Age (months) Sex Breed Place of birth Lifestyle Reason for veterinary appointment Ct valuea
Dog 24 M Saluki Qatar Indoor/outdoor Chronic diarrhea due to exocrine pancreatic insufficiency 36.30
Dog 36 M Mixed Qatar Indoor/outdoor Rescued from the street, history of car crash and hind limb paralysis, chronic kidney disease 35.55
Dog nd F Saluki Qatar Indoor/outdoor Elective surgery (neutering) 36.34
Cat 10 F DSH Qatar Outdoor Rescued from the street, bilateral blindness 35.88
  1. aCycle threshold values at the real-time PCR
  2. Abbreviations: DSH, domestic short-haired; F, female; M, male; nd, not determined