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Table 1 Location and methods for mosquito collection and blood meal analysis for the studies included in this review

From: Interpreting mosquito feeding patterns in Australia through an ecological lens: an analysis of blood meal studies

Reference Site name (state) Site habitat type Collection months (years) Mosquito collection method No. of blood meals (no. of species) analysed Blood-meal analysis method Vertebrate species tested
Flies et al. [23] Adelaide Hills, Adelaide City, Murray River valley (South Australia) Urban and rural August–May (2006–2015) EVS + CO2 199 (8) Cytochrome b PCR using vertebrate, avian and mammalian primers, gene sequencing Dog, cat, cow, sheep, pig, chicken, brushtail and ringtail possum, red kangaroo, koala, rainbow lorikeet, galah, Australian magpie
Hall-Mendelin et al. [34] (Queensland, Northern Territory) Rural February, March, October (2002–2006) CDC + CO2 +/− octenol 1128 (1) Double-antibody ELISA Horse, rat, human, dog, cat, bird, kangaroo, cow, pig
Johansen et al. [24] 32 sites (Western Australia) Urban and rural All year round (1993–2004) EVS + CO2 2606 (29) Double-antibody ELISA Cow, sheep, goat, pig, rabbit, horse, donkey, human, cat, fox, dog, brushtail possum, quokka, Western grey kangaroo, mouse, chicken, duck
Jansen et al. [22] Cairns (Queensland), Brisbane (Queensland), Newcastle (New South Wales), Sydney (New South Wales) Urban All year round (2005–2008) CDC, EVS + CO2
Unbaited BG sentinel traps
1180 (15) Indirect ELISA; PCR using avian- and mammalian-specific primers, gene sequencing Horse, rabbit, rat, human, dog, chicken, cat, bird, kangaroo, cow, pig, 50 wild bird species
Kay et al. [21] Brisbane (Queensland) Urban September–April (2000–2001) CDC + CO2 +/− OCT 865 (10) Gel diffusion immunoassay Bird, kangaroo, cat, dog, horse, human, brushtail possum, flying fox species
Frances et al. [32] Shoalwater Bay (Queensland) Rural All year round (1998–2000) EVS + CO2 763 (15) Gel diffusion immunoassay Human, kangaroo, bird, dog, horse, cow
van den Hurk et al. [33] Cape York, Gulf Plains (Queensland) Rural January–May (1995–2001) CDC + CO2 +/− OCT 2582 (15) Gel diffusion immunoassay Horse, rabbit, rat, human, dog, chicken, cat, bird, kangaroo, cow, pig
Muller et al. [29] Beatrice Hill (Northern Territory) Rural All year round (1974–1976) Light trap (not specified) and vehicle mounted trap 1628 (18) Precipitin test Cow, horse, dog, human, marsupial, chicken
Kay et al. [30] Charleville (Queensland) Rural February (1976) Aspiration of resting sites 5431 (16) Precipitin test Reptile, amphibian, bird, pig, dog, cat, man, cow, horse, rodent, bat, marsupial, carnivore
Lee et al. [31] Moree, Hornsby (New South Wales), Texas (Queensland), Golburn Valley (Victoria), Canberra (Australian Capital Territory) Mostly rural December–January (1951–1952) Aspiration of resting sites 1231 (15) Precipitin test Human, chicken, cow, dog, rabbit, horse, marsupial (unspecified)
Total      14,044 (48)   
  1. Abbreviations: EVS, encephalitis vector survey; CO2, carbon dioxide; CDC, centers for disease control; BG, BioGent; PCR, polymerase chain reaction; ELISA, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay; OCT, octane