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Table 5 Mosquito vectors and vertebrate hosts revealed by previous Australian mosquito blood-meal analysis studies

From: Identification of the source of blood meals in mosquitoes collected from north-eastern Australia

Reference Locations of mosquitoes sampled Method of detection Most abundant blood-fed vector(s) Vertebrate host
Kay et al. [9] Brisbane and Carseldine (outer suburban Brisbane) Agar gel immunodiffusion Cx. annulirostris Common brushtail possums, horses, dogs, humans and birds
Kay et al. [23] Mitchell River Mission and Charleville Precipitin test Cx. quinquefasciatus; Cx. annulirostris Dogs, macropods, cattle, pigs, humans and birds
van den Hurk et al. [11] Far North Queensland Agar gel immunodiffusion Cx. annulirostris Mammals, marsupials, pigs and birds
Jansen et al. [7] Urban and peri-urban habitats in eastern Australia (Brisbane, Cairns, Newcastle and Sydney) Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay Ae. aegypti; Cx. annulirostris Ae. aegypti had predominantly human blood; Cx. annulirostris had cattle, marsupial, dog and human blood
Johansen et al. [8] Western Australia Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay Ae. camptorhynchus; Cx. annulirostris Marsupials and cattle