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Table 1 Effects of HlVgR-knockdown by RNA interference (RNAi) in oocyte development of H. longicornis

From: Intracellular localization of vitellogenin receptor mRNA and protein during oogenesis of a parthenogenetic tick, Haemaphysalis longicornis

Groups No. of ticks Body weight of engorged ticks (mg) Typical color of oocytes Developmental stages of oocytes Onset of oviposition
E 5dAE E 5dAE
Control 20 239.0 ± 45.7 Colorless and white Amber Stages I–II Stages I–V At 5 days after engorgement
HlVgR RNAi 15 208.3 ± 52.4 Colorless and white Amberlite and white Stages I–II Stages I–III At 12 days after engorgement
  1. Abbreviations: E, engorgement; 5dAE, 5 days after engorgement