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Fig. 3

From: Strong concordance between percent inhibition in oocyst and sporozoite intensities in a Plasmodium falciparum standard membrane-feeding assay

Fig. 3

Concordance between inhibitions in oocysts and sporozoites. Inhibition levels in oocyst and sporozoite intensities were compared in the %TRA-scale (a) and the Log Mean Ratios (LMR)-scale (b). In b, the associated % inhibition (%TRA) value is shown on the right side of the y-axis or the top side of the x-axis. The best estimate and 95% CI for each test COM are shown. Points with the same symbol are from the same feed, and the dotted line is y = x. The red squires show the SMFA data with anti-Pfs48/45 antibody, and the other symbols with anti-Pfs25 antibodies

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