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Table 1 Number of live Hypoderma lineatum larvae collected and efficacy of LONGRANGE® against infestation with first-stage, and second- and third-stage larvae of H. lineatum of cattle

From: LONGRANGE® (eprinomectin 5% w/v extended-release injection) efficacy against Hypoderma lineatum in an endemic area in southern Italy

Treatment groupa Count of live H. lineatum L2/L3 collected from the study animals % efficacyb F-value, P-valuec
NI/NGd GMe (range)
Saline (control) 9/12 2.0 (0–9)
LONGRANGE® L1 0/12 0 100 F(1,21) = 21.94, P = 0.0001
LONGRANGE® L2/L3 0/12 0 100 F(1,21) = 21.94, P = 0.0001
  1. aSaline, administered at 1 ml per 50 kg body weight (BWT) once on Day 0 and once on Day 109; LONGRANGE® L1, LONGRANGE® (eprinomectin 5%w/v extended-release injection) administered at 1 ml per 50 kg BWT once on Day 0 during the first larval stage (L1) of development; LONGRANGE® L2/L3, LONGRANGE® administered at 1 ml per 50 kg BWT once on Day 109 during the second and third larval stages (L2/L3) of development
  2. bPercentage efficacy = [(C-T)/C] × 100, where T and C are geometric means of the back-transformed least squares means from the statistical model of the LONGRANGE® L1 group or LONGRANGE® L2/L3 group counts (T), and the saline group count (C), respectively
  3. cF-value, P-value = two-sided probability value from analysis of variance on log-counts of LONGRANGE® and saline groups
  4. dNumber of cattle from which live H. lineatum L2/L3 were collected (number infested, NI)/number of cattle in group (NG)
  5. eGM = geometric mean