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Fig. 1

From: Role of gamma-giardin in ventral disc formation of Giardia lamblia

Fig. 1

Synchronization of Giardia trophozoites using aphidicolin and proteomic analysis of the synchronized cells. a FACS analysis of various G. lamblia cells (0.05% DMSO-treated cells, 5 μg/ml of aphidicolin-treated cells, and cells released from aphidicolin arrest) on their DNA content using propidium iodide staining. The experiment was performed three times, and three replicates were analyzed for each experiment. b Comparative 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis of lysates prepared either from trophozoite arrested at G1/S-phase with aphidicolin or trophozoites at G2-phase released from aphidicolin arrest. Five protein spots (#1 to #5) present only at G1/S-phase and 14 protein spots (#6 to #19) found only at G2-phase, were analyzed by LC/MS-MS; identities of these proteins are listed in Table 3. c Parallel comparison of selected protein spots between G1/S- and G2-phase cells in extended panels

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