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Table 2 Summary statistics for polymorphism and diversity in the voltage-gated sodium channel gene of Gounougou An. coluzzii and An. arabiensis

From: A combination of metabolic resistance and high frequency of the 1014F kdr mutation is driving pyrethroid resistance in Anopheles coluzzii population from Guinea savanna of Cameroon

Species Gene n S h Hd π TajimaD FuLiD* FuLiF*
An. coluzzii Exon 20 30 6 6 0.701 0.00381 − 0.384ns 1.2143ns 0.8598ns
An. arabiensis Exon 20 28 6 5 0.27 0.00108 − 1.9719ns − 2.5946ns − 2.8039ns
  1. Abbreviations: n, number of sequences; S, number of polymorphic sites; h, haplotype; Hd, haplotype diversity; π, nucleotide diversity; TajimaD, Tajima’s D statistic; FuLiD*, Fu and Li’s D* statistic; FuLiF*, Fu and Li’s F* statistic; ns, not significant