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Table 6 Best GAMLSS models for the parasite species (NSPP) and individual numbers (NIND) of Syacium papillosum

From: Metazoan parasite infracommunities of the dusky flounder (Syacium papillosum) as bioindicators of environmental conditions in the continental shelf of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Model df Global deviance Percent of explained deviance Akaike information criterion P
NSPP ~ (ZONE) + cs(FE) + cs(NO3) 12 44.57 44.30 68.57 < 0.001
NIND~ cs(ZOOVOL) + cs(ASUMALI) + cs(SSUMPAH) + cs(LT) + cs(NOFISH) + cs(S235TRI) + cs(SANTR) + cs(ICTABU) + cs(ACEN) 41 20.73 91.13 102.73 < 0.001
  1. Notes: The best GAMLSS model was selected using a stepwise procedure and the lowest values of AIC and global deviance. The independent variables (those without cs) had a linear relationship with the dependent variables
  2. Abbreviations: ACEN, acenaphthylene in water; ASUMALI, sum of aliphatic hydrocarbons in water; cs, cubic spline smooth function; df, degrees of freedom; FE, fishing effort; ICTABU, ichthyoplankton abundance; LT, fish total length; NOFISH, number of fish per sampling station; NO3, nitrates concentration in water; SANTR, anthracene in sediment; SSUMPAH, sum of polyaromatic hydrocarbons in sediment; S235TRI, 2,3,5, trimethylnapthalene; ZONE, fishing zone in the Yucatan Peninsula; ZOO, zooplankton volume in water