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Fig. 3

From: Eimeria maxima-induced transcriptional changes in the cecal mucosa of broiler chickens

Fig. 3

Cluster analysis of differentially expressed genes between naïve (N) versus E. maxima (EM) infection. a Heat map analysis between two groups based on the overall results of FPKM cluster analysis performed using the log10 (FPKM + 1) data. Red denotes genes with high expression levels, and blue denotes genes with low expression levels. The color range from red to blue represents the log10(FPKM + 1) value from large to small. b Volcano plot. The x-axis shows the fold change in gene expression between different samples, and the y-axis shows the statistically significant differences. Significantly upregulated and downregulated genes are highlighted in red and green, respectively. Genes that did not express differently between the treatment group and the control group are in blue

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