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Fig. 1

From: Transcriptome-based molecular systematics: Rhodnius montenegrensis (Triatominae) and its position within the Rhodnius prolixusRhodnius robustus cryptic–species complex

Fig. 1

Transcriptome-based molecular systematics: a diagrammatic representation of our methodological approach. We determined 10 ITS2 query sequences and deposited them in NCBI’s (National Center for Biotechnology Information) GenBank (broken grey arrow). Other query and outgroup sequences were retrieved from GenBank, and transcriptome read archives (SRAs) from NCBI’s Sequence Read Archive and the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA). The right panel (broken-line box) illustrates some details of the process of generating consensus sequences from raw transcriptome reads plus query sequences and then computing breadth- and depth-coverage (pale-blue histograms behind the consensus sequence). The dotted-line vertical boxes highlight two variable sites: one in which the consensus sequence differs from the query (T/A), even though a minority of reads have T as in the query; and another in which a rare C variant appears in a minority of aligned reads and the consensus sequence, therefore, retains G as in the query

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