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Fig. 5

From: Transcriptome-based molecular systematics: Rhodnius montenegrensis (Triatominae) and its position within the Rhodnius prolixusRhodnius robustus cryptic–species complex

Fig. 5

Mitochondrial cytb Bayesian phylogenetic tree of members of the Rhodnius prolixusR. robustus cryptic–species complex. The tree was inferred using query sequences (black font) and the consensus sequences generated from R. montenegrensis (black/blue font) and R. robustus (black/green font) transcriptome-read archives (for which taxon labels include NCBI Sequence Read Archive codes). Rhodnius montenegrensis’ original sequence (KR072682.1; [7]) is highlighted in red font. Two full-breadth-coverage consensus sequences had mean depth-coverage < 10 reads/position and were therefore excluded from these analyses (see Table 4 and Additional file 6: Figure S4). Numbers at nodes are posterior probabilities from Bayesian analysis (BA) and bootstrap support values (1000 pseudo-replicates) for maximum-likelihood (ML) and maximum-parsimony (MP) topologies (see Additional file 3: Figure S1). The scale-bar indicates substitutions per site (from BA)

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