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Table 5 The uncorrected p-distances (below the diagonal) and nucleotide differences (above the diagonal) among 18S, ITS1 and 28S rDNA sequences of Characidotrema spp. studied

From: Species of Characidotrema Paperna & Thurston, 1968 (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) from fishes of the Alestidae (Characiformes) in Africa: new species, host-parasite associations and first insights into the phylogeny of the genus

 1C. auritum n. sp66590
 2C. brevipenis0.0122576
 3C. nursei0.0120.004576
 4C. pollex n. sp.0.0100.0100.01045
 5C. spinivaginus0.0190.0140.0140.0089
 6C. vespertilio n. sp.0.0000.0120.0120.0100.019
 1C. auritum n. sp.715777709
 2C. brevipenis0.19135778173
 3C. nursei0.1530.094696462
 4C. pollex n. sp.0.2070.2070.1858077
 5C. spinivaginus0.1880.2180.1720.21570
 6C. vespertilio n. sp.0.0240.1960.1670.2070.188
 1C. auritum n. sp.363137363
 2C. brevipenis0.04918363837
 3C. nursei0.0420.025384134
 4C. pollex n. sp.0.0510.0490.0524340
 5C. spinivaginus0.0490.0520.0560.05939
 6C. vespertilio n. sp.0.0040.0510.0460.0550.053