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Table 2 I-TASSER structure/function predictions of T. circumcincta ES hypothetical proteins. Spot numbers refer to those in Fig. 1. 3D structural models of T. circumcincta hypothetical proteins were generated by I-TASSER [22] and compared to Protein Bata Bank (PDB) proteins. Template modelling score (TM-score) shows the structural similarity between the I-TASSER predicted protein structure model and PDB protein. TM-score = 1 indicates a perfect match between two structures; TM-score > 0.5 indicates a model of correct topology

From: Characterisation of a niche-specific excretory–secretory peroxiredoxin from the parasitic nematode Teladorsagia circumcincta

Spot NCBI protein ID Protein accession Protein Data Bank (PDB) top hit [PDB ID]; protein description TM-score Reference
1 Hypothetical protein TELCIR_08116 PIO70037 [3NT8]; Necator americanus ASP-1 (Na-ASP-1) 0.874 [23]
ShK domain protein PIO55996 [4GWM]; Human promeprin beta 0.902 [24]
6 Hypothetical protein TELCIR_10830 PIO67421 [3NT8]; Necator americanus ASP-1 (Na-ASP-1) 0.873 [23]
15 and 16 Hypothetical protein TELCIR_00024 PIO77845 [3NT8]; Necator americanus ASP-1 (Na-ASP-1) 0.643 [23]