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Table 1 Results of the multi-level logistic regression model, including village as random effect

From: Epidemiological factors associated with human cystic echinococcosis: a semi-structured questionnaire from a large population-based ultrasound cross-sectional study in eastern Europe and Turkey

VariableAdjusted OR95% CIaP-valuea
Lived in areas with high density of dogs and sheep in the past 20 years
Main occupation in the past 20 years*
 Non-agricultural activities or office/service employee1  
 Farmer/livestock breeder/other agricultural/veterinary activities2.490.93–6.660.068
 Students and children < 5 years of age1.310.61–2.850.487
Agricultural activities in the past 20 years
 Secondary/high school1.150.60–2.180.678
Knowledge of human CE existence
Known presence of relatives with CE
Raw viscera given to dogs
Drink commercial water*
  1. aAccounting for clustering at village level
  2. bAdjusted OR per linear 10-years increase in age
  3. * Statistically significant interaction with country (Wald test, P < 0.05)