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Table 1 Numbers and proportions of animals that had tested positive for antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii over the last five years in zoos

From: Toxoplasma gondii in small exotic felids from zoos in Europe and the Middle East: serological prevalence and risk factors

  Zoos that performed T. gondii tests Total no. of animals tested Felids Marsupials Monkeys Other
Total number 25a 129 62 11 17 39
No. of animals with a positive test result 15 83 28 5 15 35
Proportion (%) 60.0 64.3 45.2 45.5 88.2 89.7
  1. aAn additional zoo reported the examination of 162 animals for T. gondii. Of these, 77 felids and 43 non-felid species tested positive. Because the report of this zoo lacked details, data could not be included in the table