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Fig. 2

From: Hidden biodiversity revealed by integrated morphology and genetic species delimitation of spring dwelling water mite species (Acari, Parasitengona: Hydrachnidia)

Fig. 2

Maximum likelihood tree of the combined cox1 and 28S datasets. Support values are shown as bootstrap (BS) and posterior probability (PP) values (PP/BS). Nodes fully supported by PP = 1 and BS = 100 are shown as +. In the case of clear monophyletic clades, tip nodes with more than one individual were collapsed with the number of individuals indicated as (n = X). In the case of clade separation within morphologically identified species we named the corresponding specimens by using the species name, cf. and A & B. Clades containing more molecular species than the a priori morphospecies are marked in red. Specimen IDs and sampling data of the individuals belonging to species are provided in Additional file 1: Table S1

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