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Fig. 1

From: Comparative analysis of host resistance to Sarcoptes scabiei var. cuniculi in two different rabbit breeds

Fig. 1

Assessment of the relative body weight gain (%) in two breeds of rabbit infested with the S. scabiei var. cuniculi and non-infested control. The body weight of each rabbit was recorded at weeks 0, 2 and 4 post-infestation (PI) and the relative body weight gain was assessed from the percentage increase in body weight of the experimentally infested and non-infested control rabbits at weeks 2 and 4 PI relative to the body weight at week 0 PI, which was calculated as [(Body weight at week 2/4 PI − Body weight at week 0 PI)/Body weight at week 0 PI] × 100%. Data points correspond to the mean of the percentage of the relative body weight gain for each group at a given time and the error bars represent the standard deviation (SD). Abbreviations: QX, QiXing rabbit propagated by the Sichuan Animal Sciences Academy, China; IRA, IRA rabbit breed; Exp, experimentally infested rabbits; Con, non-infested control

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