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Table 3 Sequences of the internal transcribed spacer 1 (ITS1) of Strongyloides stercoralis from Vietnam and other countries

From: Strongyloidiasis in northern Vietnam: epidemiology, clinical characteristics and molecular diagnosis of the causal agent

Notation Origin Host Length (bp) GenBank ID Reference
Sster-VN Vietnam Human 501 MN607960 This study
Sster1 Iran 501 EF545004.1 Moghaddassani et al. [40]
Sster2 Iran 501 EF653265.1 Moghaddassan et al. [40]
Sster3 Australia 501 JX489140.1 Sultana et al. [41]
Sster4 Australia 501 JX489145.1 Sultana et al. [41]
Sster5 Iran 501 EF653266.1 Moghaddassan et al. [40]
Sster6 Australia 501 JX489151.1 Sultana et al. [41]
Sster7 Australia 501 JX489149.1 Sultana et al. [41]