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Table 1 List of clones of Daphnia species used in this study

From: Genetic resistance and specificity in sister taxa of Daphnia: insights from the range of host susceptibilities

SpeciesCloneOriginLocation (Region) in Israel
D. magnaFI-N-47-6Finland 
D. magnaSE-G2-8Sweden 
D. magnaHU-HO2Hungary 
D. magnaBE-M10Belgium 
D. magnaIL-SK-2IsraelHula Valley
D. magnaIL-HSN-2IsraelHaspin North (Golan Heights)
D. magnaIL-HSS-1IsraelHaspin South (Golan Heights)
D. magnaIL-BS-1IsraelBar-On (Golan Heights)
D. magnaIL-NA-1IsraelNaaman (Northern Coastal Plain)
D. magnaIL-PS-2IsraelPoleg (Central Coastal Plain)
D. similisIL-Sim-A20IsraelMaskana (Galilee)
D. similisIL-DSKYN-2IsraelHaKfar HaYarok (Central Coastal Plain)
D. similisIL-DSKYN-3IsraelHaKfar HaYarok (Central Coastal Plain)
D. similisIL-DSKYN-4IsraelHaKfar HaYarok (Central Coastal Plain)
D. similisIL-DSZ-2IsraelZarta (Samaria)
D. similisIL-DSB-3IsraelBareket (Samaria)
D. similisIL-DSB-6IsraelBareket (Samaria)
D. similisIL-DSN-2IsraelNizanim (Southern Coastal Plain)
D. similisIL-DSN-3IsraelNizanim (Southern Coastal Plain)
D. similisIL-DSNS-1IsraelNizanim (Southern Coastal Plain)