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Table 1 Detection of antibodies against T.solium cysticerci in sera of some pigs from Angónia using EITB Tsol-p27 compared with Ag-ELISA assay

From: Further evaluation of recombinant Tsol-p27 by enzyme-linked immunoelectrotransfer blot for the serodiagnosis of cysticercosis in pigs from Mozambique

Serological resultsEITB Tsol-p27
n (%)
n (%)
n (%)
Ag-ELISA-positive11 (13.3)26 (31.3)37 (44.6)
Ag-ELISA-negative13 (15.7)33 (39.7)46 (55.4)
Total24 (29.0)59 (71.0)83 (100)
  1. Note: 83 sera tested for Ag-ELISA assay and for EITB Tsol-p27